Introducing Adam

All business cards in one.

The last business card you’ll ever need to carry with you. Adam is designed to help you manage all business cards, stored in one place, making it convenient and accessible.

PROJECT: Adam Black Card
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NFC and QR
water resistant

The Benefits

Discover the benefts Adam has in store for you. Besides being a functional tool the product offers a wide range of benefits to individuals and companies alike.

Adam Business Club

Adam is your ticket to exclusive events where you can meet and network with other people from your community

Saves You Money

Printing business cards is costly considering we lose 80% of them.
Adam saves you money while using it

Goodbye to Several Cards

Adam is not only a business card. We can store several of your cards into one so you don't have to carry them with you

Up to Date Information

Adam makes it possible for your information to always be up to date. Have a new position? Let everybody know!

Be a True Fan

We work with brands around the world to create their fan cards with special content and goodies coming with it

Partnership Perks

We established partnerships with other brands/companies so you can enjoy perks offered exclusively to Adam users


The card itself comes without any benefits or perks, just the Adam functionality. If you want to check out our package section below.
If you are ordering as a company please reach out to us at


Our most ordered design!


Order Adam Black


Paint it red baby!


Order Adam RED


Let your creativity flow


Brand Your Own

THE Packages

The packages can individually be purchased but do require you having an Adam card, digital or physical. We are constantly working on expanding the benefits packages for our users.


• Invites for the Adam Social Circle
• Priority registration for TED Circles
• One day pass for Tershouse (once)
• 1 day usage of the Marriott Living Room

3,50 €

Monthly Subscription


• Invites for the Adam Business Club
• Free physical copy of the Adam card
• 1 day pass for Tershouse every month
• 20% discount on all Sikra Security orders
• 2 days usage of the Marriott Conference Room
• 30 minutes of free business development consulting

5,00 €

Monthly Subscription


• All benefits from other packages
• Tickets to every TEDxFerhadija Event
• 2 days usage of the Marriott Living Room
• 3 days pass for Tershouse every month
• 4 days usage of the Marriott Conference Room
• 3 days of coworking & comm. connecting annually

10,00 €

Monthly Subscription

Benefits by Adam partners

We believe that the key to building a strong community is partnering up with other brands that share our vision and goals.


Building innovative working approach in Bosnia and Herzegovina and offering proof of concept following upon standards and criteria of most successful coworkingspaces in Europe.

Tershouse is a community-driven organization that creates collaborative spaces. Spaces for people to work together. Spaces for teams to collaborate.

• Daily pass once a month for individuals
• 3 days pass once monthly for companies
• Access to exclusive events at Tershouse
• Network with amazing people



TED is a nonprofit organization devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading. Started as a four-day conference in California 25 years ago, TED has grown to support those world-changing ideas with multiple initiatives.

In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TED has created a program called TEDx. Local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience.

• Free ticket to all events
• Access to exclusive TEDxFerhadija events
• Access to TED Circles by TEDxFerhadija
• Meet and greet with the speakers


Residence Inn by Marriott

At Residence Inn, we believe in openness, freedom and traveling the way you love to live. That’s why we’ve designed an experience where guests can truly live their life on the road.

Spaces creating room for possibilities, dedication to serve you personally, we want to ensure when traveling, you don’t feel like a guest – you feel like yourself.

• Use of the "Living Room" 2x a month
• Use of the "Meetingroom" 4x a month
• Free Wi-Fi usage for all participants
• Compliments of the house for the rooms

Residence In by Marriott Sarajevo

Cashback World

Do you want to shop and get benefits? No problem! Register easily and for free online, or one of the Cashback World partner companies and profit from the first purchase!

With our free Cashback App you profit from shopping benefits and along the way on all your purchases. Your Chashbach Chard is available to you at any time.

• Up to 15% Cashback on each purchase
• Collect points with each purchase
• Use your points for purchases
• Discover amazing deals and benefits

Cashback World

Impact Hub Belgrade

Impact Hub Belgrade accelerates the development of startups, women-led ventures and impact enterprises that create business and profit in service of people and the planet.

They have been developing the capacities of 500+ entrepreneurs; increasing startups' investment-readiness, and access to capital and int. markets.

• 30 minutes of free business development consulting
• 3 days of free coworking and community connecting annually

Impact Hub Belgrade is a platform created to make scheduling appointments fast and easy for users and comanies alike. Select what you want, the date and you are ready for your next appointment.

Our motto "We take care of your appointments" is an idea we fulfill with great enthusiasm and commitment.
Your time comes first, always!

• Use for benefits
• Schedule the use of services
• Collect points while using it
• Organise your time better

Adam Partner 6

how it works

Simply let the other person scan the QR code. And there you have it.

Toggle Icon


Custom made and easily configurable. You decide which information you would like to share with others. Email, phone, job title and your personal picture.

Mobile Devices

Touch & Connect

When you want to share your business card just tap "share" in the app and let the other person scan your QR code. That's all you need to do.


And that’s all to it

Fast and efficient way for business information to be exchanged and stored. You can access anything in the app with one click.


Don’t take our word for it. See what our customers says about Adam. We have got over 100 positive reviews.

Adam is the perfect map of the future. From my point of view, from the aspect of the business I do, this is a great tool where in a few seconds I have all the contacts in one place. I look forward to the additional innovations that Adam brings, and I am happy to recommend them to everyone.

Selma Isabegović

Business Development Consultant


What are the benefits for the Institute for Youth Development KULT using Adam business cards? We do not print or reprint our cards, which saves costs. Our business looks different – it follows new trends. We do not loose cards and we have them always with us on our smartphone.

Jasmin Bešić

Managing Director
Institute for Youth Development KULT

Institute for Youth Development KULT

The cards design caught my eye, the sustainable production made me fall in love, but the pragmatism and simplicity of the app is what makes me use it in all of my business interactions and even some private ones. I firmly believe that this is the future of card intercommunication.

Emina Ferizović

Program Assistant
Save the Children

Save The Children

Adam is one step closer to paperless business. I find Adam as part of the vision for a sustainable future. I used to lose business cards collected in events - or at least, I forget to save details in my contacts in my phone. With Adam, it will not happen again⁣

Aleksandar Mastilović

Director of Telecommunications
CRA Bosnia and Herzegovina


Adam is an innovative solution to an omnipresent problem. Having such a stylish, fast and simple way to not only eliminate the old-fashioned business cards but to elevate the process of exchanging business contacts to a higher level is just a pure pleasure.

Sara Lerota

Western Balkans Ambassador
Startup Olé

Startup Ole

Adam is the next step for business networking. Not only does is leave a trademark on your business image, but also the convenience that follows the product. Besides being eco friendly, it also sends a statement to people you work with - innovation and business.

Asim Halilbašić

VP of Business Operations
Ministry of Programming


Your are in good Company

Companies as well as individuals alike started to realise the potential of Adam and digitalised their business. These are some of them.


Here’s a roadmap of our product to highlight the milestones from the initial phase to delivery and future updates.

June 2020
July 2020


August 2020


The goal of Adam is to be available to customers globally. We don't want it to be just another card but a industry standard.

December 2019


By the end of the year we aim to offer more and more perks to our customers. Free co-working space usage, collecting points, etc.

March 2021


Although the main idea behind Adam is information sharing we are not limited to it. We aim to integrate more cards into one. Think loyalty cards, access control, cashback, etc.

August 2021

ADAM 2.0



Got questions? We’ve got answers. If you have some other questions, feel free to send us an email to

What if somebody doesn’t have the app?

Adam is programmed that when somebody interacts with it without the app the person will automatically be redirected to download the iOS or Android version. All they need to do afterwards is install the app. Your card will directly be saved once they install the app.

What if somebody doesn't have a QR reader installed?

Almost every new phone has a QR reader built in the camera app. Just let them scan the QR code with the camera apps and the phone will do the rest. Should somebody not have the QR reader supported you can always share your link instead of the QR code. It does the same trick.

What if I don’t want to have physical card?

We got you covered there. You can send your business card directly via the app with no physical card on your own. Simply go to the app, select your card you want to share with other people and the method (QR code or link).

Is there a trial period for ADAM?

Yes and no, Adam has a trial account where the users can receive unlimited cards but not have it's own nor use other features. Users can either update their account to a paid plan (read order the card) or just stay with the “receive cards” option. Either way Adam will stay usable.

The development and realisation of PROJECT: Adam was supported by:

Institut za razvoj mladih KULT & the Embassy of Sweden in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The development and realisation of PROJECT: Adam was supported by:

Institut za razvoj mladih KULT


the Embassy of Sweden in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Mobile App for Adam

You can use Adam even without having the card with you. Simply download the app, login onto your account and you can start sharing without having the physical card with you. The app is also the central place where all cards your receive are stored.

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